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Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 6:58:20 PM Pakistan Standard Time
Service Home & Office Repair
Minimum Charge 15000 RS
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Timings 9am to 5 pm

Termite Proofing

We proof pre-constructed and post constructed building from termite disaster. Termites are social insects and live in colonies. When termites form a colony into your home this becomes infested. Termites cause many millions of dollars in damage to wooden homes and other structures. Termites, such can cause serious damages to buildings if the infestation goes undiscovered. Therefore, termite detection and its treatment is always a best solution to your property There is a specialized soldier caste that has a primary duty to protect the colony – usually from other insects like ants and rival termite colonies. Termites won’t seek out humans to bite them however if disturbed these solider termites may deliver a strong bite.


We control rodents; a threat to your property and security. Rodents can cause serious damages to infested buildings. Rodents carry diseases and can cause health hazard to humans. Their population also goes quickly. It is advised to start rodent control measures before infestation. In order to protect your home from rodents customized and quality solutions are needed. The most common damage from rats is where they chew on a home in order to gain access such as on a gable end, a ridge cap or a gable vent. Rats will also chew through pipe insulation as well as wiring and other vents as they infest the home. Any organic material is game, and they can create a number of openings for other pests to enter and gain access to the interior of your home. Unfortunately without a complete inspection it’s difficult to find the access points on your own.

Cleaning Division

Although you clean your home daily but you often feel to clean those objects and areas which are not possible for you to clean on daily basis we also provides you the service of carpet and sofa cleaning, Water Tank cleaning & disinfection, Floor Polishing, Windows and Blinds Cleaning.

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